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Thodorou Island Nature Reserve

Thodorou is the first island we visit on our 3.5 hour and 2.5 hour cruises. We make a full round of the island to seek out the rare Kri Kri goat, we then stop to look at the sunken wreckage of a German WWII aeroplane down through the glass bottom of the boat


Thodorou island is a protected Nature Reserve  for Kri Kri - it is prohibited to go ashore  

Windows showing view of underwater
Structure Sunk Underwater
Ram climbing
Bird flying over ocean
Ram at the top of the mountain
Thodorou Island Aerial View
Cave on Thodorou Island
Ram on a mountain
Man overlooking the ocean on boat
Deers climbing mountain
Cave at Thodorou Island
Ram on mountain
Thodorou Island Cave
Sun Setting over Thodorou Island
Ram climbing up mountain
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