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All Boat Trips Sail from Chania Harbour

Contact us to Make a Reservation


Mobile: Please see the message on our HOME PAGE and contact Captain Nestor directly. Thank you  

WhatsApp and Viber available

Click on the Google link to the right for a detailed map of where to find us


GPS Coordinates:

35°30'59.9"N 24°01'02.5"E

You can find us on the waterfront in Chania harbour, directly opposite the lighthouse  - SECOND boat in from the corner. 

 Our sales people wear bright blue t-shirts with 'Captain Nick' in bold red letters.

Note: We are a small, independent, high quality boat trip company with one boat. 

  • It's adviseable to book cruise 2 several days in advance in our peak season to ensure your place.

  • If you'd like to join a 1 hour boat trip, it's not normally necessary to book but please check the trip is running as per the schedule as we often have private hires in the morning or late afternoon.


  • Free good quality snorkelling equipment is supplied on all  our trips.

  • We offer very reasonable rates for Private Hire boat trips.

  • A free beer or can of soft drink (coke, lemonade etc) is provided on Cruise 2.


  • ​All boat trips carry full comprehensive insurance.


  • ​Our season runs from April to the end of October.

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