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Lazaretta Island 

All of our trips stop at Lazaretta Island - it is a small, uninhabited island with a sandy beach along the west coast, just outside of Chania harbour. 

3.5 Hour Trip: After returning from the nature reserve of Thodorou, we take you out onto the little island's beach. We use a small boat to transfer all your bags, towels, picnic etc and any non-swimmers. At the  island you are free to swim, snorkel, relax or join in Captain Nick's guided snorkel tour. 

2.5 hour trips: After returning from the nature reserve of Thodorou island, we moor very close to the island where you are free to swim, snorkel or just relax on the boat watching Captain Nick do his fish show through the glass bottom of the boat.  

1 Hour Trip: we stop for approximately 30 to 40 minutes while Captain Nick dives under the glass to feed the fish. During this time you are free to swim or snorkel while he swims to find things of interest to show to his passengers. 

Families at Lazaretta Island
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